Car Detail Center at Wave Car Care Center

Service Price
Mini Detail 
Complete shampoo, hand wax, interior & exterior condition, Signature Wash

Starting at   $129.99

Interior Detail 
Complete shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl & rubber, Q-tip vents, clean headliner, interior condition, interior windows, clean door jams, clean wheels/hubcaps and no wash

Starting at  $129.99

Exterior Detail 
Buff-n-Wax, exterior condition, clean wheels/hubcaps, and a Signature Wash

Starting at   $119.99

Complete Detail 
Complete shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl and rubber, Q-tip vents, clean headliner, complete conditioning in and out, windows, door jambs, buff & wax, clean wheels/hubcaps and Signature Wash

Starting at   $199.99

Premium Detail
Everything included in the Complete Detail. Plus an engine cleaning, Scotch Guard and one application of Polymer II Wax for superior future protection

Starting at   $249.99

Premium Plus
Everything included in the Premium Detail. Plus Headlight Restoration and Ozone Treatment.

Starting at  $299.99

Interior Conditioning (Dash, Console & Doors- vinyl only) 
Please allow 20 min after car wash for interior conditions
Starting at $24.99
Triple Foaming Wax $4.99
Wheel Cleaner $4.99
Pro Kote Poly Sealant $4.99
Rust Inhibitor $2.99
Tire Conditioning $4.99
Underbody Flush $2.99
Exterior Condition $9.99

Double Bond Teflon Sealant

Rain X $9.99
Hand Applied Clear Coat Wax 
Please allow 30 minutes after car wash for waxes

Starting at  $49.99

Carpet Shampoo  $49.99
Wheel Polish  $9.99 each
Mat Shampoo $2.99
Leather Cleaning   $49.99
Tar Removal By estimate
Paint Over Spray Removal By estimate

Paint Restoration

Starting at $99.99
Engine Clean Starting at $39.99

Headlight Resoration

Starting at $39.99

Scotch Guard

Starting at  $39.99

Ozone Treatment

Eliminates odors

Starting at  $49.99

100% Carnauba Wax Paste Wax Starting at  $49.99
Buff & Wax Starting at  $99.99
Upholstry Shampoo Starting at  $49.99
Carpet Shampoo Starting at  $49.99