Car Detail Center at Wave Car Care Center

Service Price
Stage 1
Complete shampoo, hand wax, interior & exterior condition, Signature Wash

Stage 2
Complete shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl & rubber, Q-tip vents, clean headliner, interior condition, interior windows, clean door jams, clean wheels/hubcaps and no wash

Stage 3
Buff-n-Wax, exterior condition, clean wheels/hubcaps, and a Signature Wash


Stage 4
Complete shampoo, clean & scrub all vinyl and rubber, Q-tip vents, clean headliner, complete conditioning in and out, windows, door jambs, buff & wax, clean wheels/hubcaps and Signature Wash


Stage 5
Everything included in the Complete Detail. Plus an engine cleaning, Scotch Guard and one application of Polymer II Wax for superior future protection


Stage 6
Everything included in the Premium Detail. Plus Headlight Restoration and Ozone Treatment.

Interior Conditioning (Dash, Console & Doors- vinyl only) 
Please allow 20 min after car wash for interior conditions
Triple Foaming Wax
Wheel Cleaner
Pro Kote Poly Sealant
Rust Inhibitor
Tire Conditioning
Underbody Flush
Exterior Condition

Double Bond Teflon Sealant

Rain X
Hand Applied Clear Coat Wax 
Please allow 30 minutes after car wash for waxes


Carpet Shampoo 
Wheel Polish 
Mat Shampoo
Leather Cleaning  
Tar Removal
Paint Over Spray Removal

Paint Restoration

Engine Clean

Headlight Resoration

Scotch Guard

Ozone Treatment

Eliminates odors

100% Carnauba Wax Paste Wax
Buff & Wax
Upholstry Shampoo  
Carpet Shampoo